The Future Generation


I currently visited Komodo Island which is located in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. To reach Komodo Island, where more than 3000 (?) Komodo dragons live widly here, take 4 hours by boat from Labuan Bajo. All the 1300 people here live from exploiting sea. The Komodo island has been put as one of Indonesia National park to conserve Komodo Dragon and the sea here. There is no clean water here in this island, but there is an elementary school and a simple dirty clinic which I believe only few hours visited by medical doctor in a week or a month?!. The government has asked them to move/relocated them but they refused it. They are confortable to live in a very poor infra structure, under Komodo dragon threats and  poor social support, although They have buy daily life from Labuan Bajo.


Look at that the news that was published wordly in June 4th, 2007 as : AFP
Komodo dragon has mauled a boy to death in eastern Indonesia, police said today. Mansur, 9, was defecating in bush on Komodo island, part of the Komodo national park, on Saturday, when he was attacked by the animal, Manggarai barat district police chief Buce Hello said. Komodo attacked him, bit him and tossed him around, and only released him after villagers came and threw stones at it,” Hello said. The island, one of the largest in the Komodo national park, has no medical clinic and the boy, a villager, died shortly after the attack, he said. The park and the western and northern coastlines of neighbouring Flores island are the natural habitats of the giant Komodo dragon, which is the world’s largest monitor lizard. The lizard can grow up to three metres in length and weigh up to 140 kilograms. There are an estimated 3000 Komodo dragons remaining in the park and surrounding areas, and although they are known to be vicious and aggressive, fatal attacks on humans are rare.

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