A Democracy Message from “Tom”

Dear Ali,

I was interested to see you quote me in the introduction to “Islamic

Democracy in Theory and Practice”.  I’ve explained how ALL major

institutions and businesses are regulated in a true democracy for

the good of the people who live in that system.  Notice, for example,

how your airline industry is now regulated by government to avoid

more people losing their lives.  This has been in the news all around

the world as a number of foreigners have been involved.  The

Garuda 737 crash landing at Yogyakarta Airport is a recent example.

I lost three friends from the Australian Embassy in that tragic accident

and one of the journalists I trained, Cynthia Banham, lost both her

legs.  She has just started working again for “The Sydney Morning

Herald” and is in a wheel chair until she’s fitted with artificial legs.

Indonesia’s broadcasting industry also needs regulating in the same

sort of way broadcasting (radio and TV) is controlled by government

laws in all the world’s older democracies.  And so on ….

Good luck with your Web Log (aka “blog”) and I’m very pleased

you’re keeping in touch.  So is Agus.  I hope to get to see you both

again before I’m too old!!!!

Best regards,


Whos is Tom ? Check this : http://www.southbound.com.my/SB_UnderstandingMicronesia.htm

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