In China more Male than Female

China has 37 million more males than females,  China has 345,000 millionaires, China has More Than 2.6 million websites. China has 162 million Internet users in 2007 (132 million Internet users in 2006), China now has 97 million broadband, users. China has about 440 million mobile phone users. The number of new HIV/AIDS infections in China was about 70,000 in 2005, with 25,000 deaths reported cross the country. Population hits 1.30756 bln by 2005: Survey.  China has 20 million bloggers.  China’s online sales to top 51 bln yuan in 2007, Economy Grew 9.9% in 2005, Statistics . China to have over 440 mln mobile phone users  Total number of journalists in China: 700,000.    By June 30, about a quarter of China’s 123 million Internet users were regularly engaged in on-line shopping, 50 percent more than the same time last year.   More than 89,000 killed on China’s roads in 2006.  China’s 2006 natural disasters killed over 3,000  The number of China-made movies reached 330 in 2006, up 27 percent over the previous year. 

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