Wakai desu kara

I have been working with Japanese since 1980. I met almost every type of Japanese people such as Workers, Singers, Comedians, Journalists, businessmen, scholar and other Welknown Japanese artist. My personal attention to Japanese culture and their lives are almost interested and have made me, without realizing,  that I almost speak fluently (bera bera) in their Language.

In early year I met Japanese, when I was around twenties, I felt that Japanese way of life was different with current situation. For example when I worked with them at early beginning time, say in 1980~2000, most of them were almost old man. I was almost the youngest among them at the time. The young man was always stayed behind them. “Wakai desu kara” (Because they are Young). But nowadays I don’t see that situation happening. It seems that the young people have taken over the place and stay in front. And now when I work with them I am almost the oldest in the group.

Tsunoda-san, who was JICA Consultant, wrote me that Young Japanese now have more earn income with less experience and the old people have less income but more experiences and he said ; ” wakai desu kara “

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