Tanggung Jawab Pemimpin Kepada Generasi Penerusnya

100,000 Young People to Be Trained Overseas

A total of 100,000 young Koreans will go overseas for subsidized internships and training by 2013.

The Ministry of Labor said Tuesday said about 4 million won ($4,000) will be given to each person undertaking three to 12 months training.

Internships will be available for college graduates and university students who will also get airline tickets and daily stipends, it said.

The beneficiaries include 50,000 job trainees, 30,000 interns and 20,000 volunteers overseas.

Labor Minister Lee Young-hee said the program will motivate the young to get global experience as well as reduce the jobless rate.

However, the plan is yet to get an approved budget, and no jobs will be guaranteed for people on their return.

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