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  1. MY APPRECIATION of Ali Syarief

    NOTE: I wrote this endorsement of Ali Syarief a few years ago when he decided to run for the position of Mayor of Garut. Since I wrote this, he has been replaced as ABV’s
    In-country manager. Like my friend Richard Whittington, I simply cannot understand why a person of such quality was replaced. My opinion of him and his great range of personal qualities remains unchanged.
    Tom Hogan, May 1 2008

    It might seem strange that a foreigner, in this case an Australian, would write a letter such as you are about to read. The letter strongly recommends Mr Ali Syarief for his ability, integrity, intelligence and understanding of Indonesian and foreign affairs.

    My purpose in recommending Ali Syarief for an appointment to local government in his home country comes about because he has had a lot to do with Australia and a number of Australian experts who have visited and worked in Indonesia by invitation. He has arranged these visits. In fact, he is better known to many Australian members of government than he is to members of Indonesia’s. Let me tell you why.

    Ali Syarief was chosen from a number of Indonesians to be the one and only representative of an Australian enterprise known as AESOP which changed its name to Australian Business Volunteers (ABV). This group comprises experts in many fields, from almost any occupation you can name. There are about 2000 Australian men and women on ABV’s’s list of experts and I am one of them. This enables me to write to you about Ali with authority as I have worked closely with him on a number of projects recently in Indonesia.

    ABV is supported substantially by the Australian Government through AusAID which is a division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. I can tell you from personal experience that Ali is highly regarded by those in government who support the group.

    Any community which supports Ali Syarief has automatic call upon the services of Australian experts if ABV agrees to a proposal. In my country we trust him and we trust his judgment. I would like to think that those who read this in his country trust him and like him as much as we foreigners do.

    Dr Thomas Edward (Tom) Hogan
    Adjunct Professor of International Communication
    School of Journalism and Communication
    University of Queensland St Lucia Campus, Brisbane,

    Senior Research Fellow and Communications Expert
    Center for International Communication
    Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

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