American Hyprocrisy

Hypocrisy: which is worse? Muslim Americans are facing yet another dilemma voting in this election: Choosing a party which claims strong “family values” and ” Pro Life”, yet is pro-war, pro-occupation and seem to show total lack of respect for human life — considering the devastation in Iraq, millions homeless, hundreds of thousands civilians killed. Unashamed of the recent 90 civilians killed in Afghanistan, the 20 civilians killed in Pakistan, and the 7 Iraqi soldiers killed by the so called friendly fire. Or … choosing a party that speaks of change, yet in bed with Israel … the root cause for most conflicts in the Middle East. We welcome your thoughts!

One thought on “American Hyprocrisy

  1. I guess, when we look at it from religion point of view. This is a very difficult election. I’m glad my status as a green card holder doesn’t allowed me to vote.
    On different subject, such as economy for example, I think Obama will be the lesser of the two evil. Just my personal opinion.

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