Sri Sultan Hamungkubowono X is King Of Nusantara

as-sultanSri Sultan Hamengkubowon X is known as King of Java who has declared his candidacy for The next Indonesia President. I have the opportunity to share, to discuss and to talk with him all about How Indonesia are developed. It’s beyond of my mind if He has the right trace on the basic and root current problems of Indonesia, politically, economically and as well as Culture. I have felt it that If He runs this country and apply his vision the current problems solved. While I saw that incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono and other candidates have no at all touching and indentified to the basic and root current problems. It means that whoever become next President there will be no change at all since they only offered the visions and programs as they mentioned but Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono X.

What is the root and basic current problems? It’s the constitution that has made Indonesian chaos in Politic, Economy and Culture. And Sri Sultan saw and understood with whom He must find his team and partners. Since He has the same vision with Forum Bandung how to run this country in the right path, swim against the stream, Forum Bandung will support him.

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