Gusdur is immortal soul

Gusdur is immortal soul
By Ali Syarief

Inspired by Richard Whittington who emailed me then I wrote this note to appreciate and to respect Gusdur. “I join in the prayer of the President in praying for the eternal repose of Gus Dur’s immortal soul. I remember that you told me that you are a very close Friend of Gus Dur’s Wife. She can be assured that there are very many People besides Indonesians who mourn his passing and know that he is already with God”, Quoted from Richard emailed to me. Richard is a friend of mind who lives in Australia. He several times vists Indonesia for my projects and his personal purposes.

One day a friend on mine asked me, in early ninethies, on my way back to Bandung from Jakarta, to attend a seminar where Gusdur was one of the speaker in Bandung. At around 09.00 PM we arrived at the seminar venue. The fist speaker was a Duch Scholar who were an expert of Indonesia’s tasawuf (sorry I forgot his name), he explained in very detail and very deep thought on the matter. When time came for Gusdur, the moderator touched Gusdur who sit next to him to get him up (I guesed he overslept). But wow..what Gusdur spoke about tasawuf was more than anyone in the room. From that time I could not say that gusdur was not a merely just a figure.

Wimar Witoelar wrote in his personal reflection on Gusdur that “President Abdurachman Wahid had an unsuccessful presidency but he has successfully established national values of tolerencae and equality that today define democracy in indonesia. His value has live on”. The pluralism is the theme that only suit to Gusdur who deserved to recive the degree. The Chinese and other minorities here are now able to take deep breathing as a result of Gusdur’s plant in his service 1991~2001.

Look at my note Tuhan Tuhan Tuhan :”TV ABC Australia pagi ini menurunkan laporan feature dari Jakarta. Acara ini menjadi sungguh menarik perhatianku, karena laporan tentang menyambut natalan di mall mall Jakarta. Apa yang mengharukan saya adalah, ketika seorang Ibu yang berpakaian jilbab menyampaikan statemenya, bawa dia sangat senang dengan Mall-Mall yang menghiasi ruangan dengan nuasa Christmas. Ada pohon natal, santa clause, snowing, dengan semua atribut natal yang lazim kita lihat. Musik-musikpun mengalun seperti biasa kita nikmati menjelang natal. White Chirstmas. Pelayan-pelayan berbaju berwarna warni berpakaian santa dengan topi khasnya”.(

It fascinated that what Anand Krisna wrote :” The voice is gone. And we are left with wilderness. Gus Dur, the voice that made the wilderness less terrifying, shall no longer be heard. He was the voice of hope, the voice that kept the flame of hope burning in many hearts. Alas,that voice is gone…And yet, on second thought, where can it go? he echo of each and every word he ever uttered shall remain here. Right here with you, and with me – with all of us”.

Back to my respect on him that Gusdur can answer any kind of questions as he applied his owned saying that has become a national proved “why the big fuss?” –gitu aja koq repot!.

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