The hurrican strikes/Buffets to SBY

By Ali Syarief

As I have stated in my status (report) and notes there was no reason to establish PANSUS because the major issue is to evaluate the previous policy on the Bailout of Century which took place during SBY’s first term of office (2004-2009). Nevertheless PANSUS has been proceeding in any case and the effect on us is to indicate that it is a ridiculous and politically stupid exercise. The dispute among the Members of PANSUS and other people involved in this issue has now received a much wider focus and the number of people targetted has increased. It has finally ended with SBY as a number of Members of the House Committee have demanded that SBY testify concerning the Bank Century affair.

Logically it is not Boediono or Sri Mulyani who should have been bombarded by the Committee as being responsible for all these events. I agree with Adnan Buyung Nasution who stated recently that President SBY should take responsibility for the Bank Century Bailout only if the decision to salvage the bank was in line with state policy. Others (other commentators) have also considered that the Country does not need to spend so much time investigating Bank Century if the issue concerns policy. However, if it is about possible criminal activity this is never-ending and should be referred to the Courts.
It is not an issue for the Parliament.

As Idrus Markam the Chairperson of PANSUS stated PANSUS (the House Inquiry Team) will reassemble to decide whether to summon the President. This again is a serious blunder as it has nothing to do with the incumbent President. The Bailout of Bank Century was the policy of the 2004-2009 President. In fact President SBY could come forward and provide further information about this issue. This would have the effect of reducing the dispute. SBY’s inaction and failure to respond to this issue will (almost certainly) create more difficulties for his Colleagues and Officials. This has already happened as Boediono and Sri Mulyani have been overwhelmed/flooded by rude and inappropriate questioning by the House Inquiry Team.

But what is worthy of notice about the Bank Century Bailout Policy which has resulted in the creation of the House Inquiry Team (PANSUS), is that the Members come from all (or most of) the coalition parties who fully supported SBY’s candidacy. Even now some of the political chairpersons are sitting in his Cabinet.

This is a very interesting question to consider. Those who belong to SBY’s coalition parties are doing their best to destroy/smash their President. We can see that SBY’s coalition parties are silent in the executive but fighting in the legislative/legislature. A final fascinating statement made by Haryono Isman : “Sadar atau tidak pansus Century sedang dalam proses mendelegitimasi pemerintah yang sah hasil pemilu oleh rakyat,” kata Anggota Dewan Pembina Partai Demokrat, Hayono Isman melalui pesan singkat yang diterima, Sabtu (16/1/2010)”.

The political inquiry to Bank Century bailout scandal has reached an anti climax with analyst seeing the inquiry committee as a merely a tool of political bargaining among the house coalition.

This can be called a coalition with no concept of what it should do. Its efforts are completely misplaced.

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