If Muhammad Jesus and all the other Prophets were alive today

Curties S Stearn who is friend of mine prayed for me: “God, Ali is here. We asked you to make him happy, healthy and come back to Indonesia savely with happyness and bla bla”, while all other American, Jack, Paggy and his doughters with their families, who have dinner with me said; “amiin”. It was in Collumbus Ohio-USA several years ago. Why do they pray before eating meals?” Christians frequently pray before meals, giving thanks to God for the food they are about to eat. Pre-meal prayers can be a simple ‘thank-you’ to God for the meal or lengthier prayers of thanksgiving for all of His provisions in their lives. In doing so, they are following the example of Jesus, whose prayers on several occasions are their model. But that night pray was special.

This was a momment that was unforgetable for me. It was not because the special pray for me, but It was about my protest to my belief!. Based on the fatwa of Ulamas that to pray other people that are not moslem is prohibited alias haram!.

One of the chief Ulamas (Religious Authorities) in Saudi Arabia (Name) has this to say in his compilation of writings and decrees (Fatwas) – Majmu’ …. _. He was asked “What is the law concerning the greeting of Merry Christmas to unbelievers (Christians = kafirs) and how to reply to their Greeting? Can we attend their religious celebrations (the celebration of Christmas)? Is a person guilty of sin if he does this = what is spoken of here without any purpose? The person who does this does so because they want to be friendly, because they are embarrassed if they do not, because of some pressure to do so or for some other reason.

He answered that to give Christmas Greetings or to say Happy Christmas or to greet unbelievers on any other of their Festival (Religion) Days is something whish is forbidden based on the agreement of all Ulamas. May we participate or join in their celebrations as this is pput forward by Ibnul…. in the volume…… (later on )

In God’s mercy and considering the greatness of God he said that it is unlawful/forbidden to give a greeting such as extending the greeting Merry Christmas to an unbeliever. This is based on the agreement of the Moslem Community in general.

Let us consider that statement “the agreement of the Moslem Community in general”,
so this is NOT God’s Law. I can illustrate in this way. When Bung Karno urged us to
be anti-Malaysia, the entire Indonesian Community clenched their fists and screamed
out at that time Crush Malaysia, Crush Tengku Abdulrachman.

Does a situation of this nature become a yardstick to measure truth? If we can
understand the true situation as it existed at that period we can now indeed laugh
loudly at ourselves becauser of the peculiarity of our own conduct.

The agreement of the Muslim Community forbids praying for non-Moslems (=
unbelievers) or directing prayers to non-Muslims in the name of Almighty God. For me
this is nothing but an insult (fitnah belaka). Because it contradicts other verses
in Al Qu’Ran which proclaim/call out for affection and love. A decree of the MUI
(Council of Indonesian Ulamas) to this effect (such greetings etc are forbidden) has
been withdrawn.

An expression of this kind, furthermore as decreed (fatwa) by the above-mentioned
Ulama is more hated by God compared with greeting a person drunk on alcohol, a
person who kills another, a person who commits adultery

or an unbeliever. Indeed such a person deserves to be hated by God and earn His
wrath and deserves it.

Oh my God a very provocative sentiment.

Without reason, emotional and far from being comprehensive in understanding the
essence of religion and belief in God. More than that I wish to describe this as a
flight from Wisdom. Distant from the behaviour Muhammad whose mission was to perfect
the character and morals of mankind, to build the civilization of a new world, full
of love affection and tolerance.

I am reminded of the words of my Friend Professor Tom Hogan of Macquarie University,
Sydney, “Ali, if Muhammad Jesus and all the other Prophets were alive today they
would indeed greet one another and sit together holding hands firmly and greeting
one another with full affection.

Manila 21 April 2010

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