Driving Philosophy in East and West

After sunset, suddenly I heard “punteeeeeen”, his voice was a bit harsh but funny. When I open the door of my living room, found that He my neighbor, Prof. David Mc Cullum, who was about 6 years living in northern of Bandung. He asked me to look for the book “how to Drive Safely in Indonesia”. I smiled to hear that!. What happened Dave? I asked. “I really confused to drive here Ali”, he complained. Indeed, I initially suspected this poor Caucasians, because his car dented marks on collision and the crash. I sometime call him Dave or daud in bahasa, did not want to buy a new car, because almost every time he drove complaining he was so nervous and stressful.

“I love to stay here Ali. People smiled to me everywhere. But when I drove it was so horrible “, continued David.

I, finaly awakened, when it was in German last month, talking about safety driving with my friend Mr. Greg Wagner (German guy). So apparently the Indonesian way of thinking is very different from the Western way of thinking, when driving. It is about Philosophy concept.

In the Western world generaly, when someone is behind the wheel and obey all traffic signs, then he will find it has become a King. This is my way!. So he did not care who is behind, the front or side, which is most importmost to keep driving and keep the rule. That’s it. So the driver was just thinking how to “save himself”, so that nothing bad happened!.

Well, while in Indonesia is different. When someone sit behind the wheel, first of all of course has to follow the traffic rules and the latter should always be vigilant and cautious, lest a sudden there are people who cross in front, suddenly there are cars entering from the left or right ,etc. So the driver must be very careful how “to save others”, in order to avoid a collision.

Unfortunately David Mc Cullum is back living in his habitat, in the state, so I can not advise him, but my mind is on justified by Mr. Wagner.

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