My God and Your God are God

There are two statements are defined as human God in the Qur’an; First word “Rab” and the second word “Allah”. Both we can classified as “God”. Let us consider the following verse: “ya ayuhannas ittakurobbakum”, which means “hey men, obey to the Rabb”. Then another verse is: “yes ayuhaladzina amanu ittakullah”, which means “hey  faithful people obey to Allah.”

Two verses are commanding or command in the Qur’an, which are devoted to all the people to the God, and the second command to the faithful people to obey to Allah. So here seems obvious, al-qur’an ordered devoted to God and to Allah. So that means anyone’s God doesn’t matter.

In simple terms, taqwa means to obey his orders and to avoid  his prohibitions.

This is a tolerant verse. It must be understood as inter-religious blame. The verse should be the attitude of respect and appreciation to the belief that difference. This verse explains that people do not believe the same. This paragraph should be a mindset, her special to Muslims, to see that the God beyond Allah is the same. This paragraph should be a source of behavior and attitude.

What do you think?


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