The State of Living Dangerous

Indeed, Indonesia’s Economic Growth remains excellent, above average 6%. And it was claimed by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as his achievements in the economy program development.  Butwe note that since Bung Karno, the fisrt President of Indonesia as well as Soeharto era, Abdurahman Wahid  to Megawati, our economy grew more than 6% constantly per anum. So then we should question, justify that growth is the product of government policy? Our economist Faisal Basri, once said that our growth, without any government intervention at all. He said the Indonesia economy miracle. But I think this is as “natural growth”.

Then the question relating to the title of this topic is as follows:

1. Do you believe the President’s body?

2. Do you believe the political institutions?

3. Do you believe the bureaucrats?

4. Do you believe the law enforcement Bodies ?

When it’s all said “no”, then this country  remain  in dangerous and chaos.

So, who should make corrections to all this? Are those who have no interest with the powers, which have the conscience to Indonesia future more advanced, which have a  vision of the nation’s future.

Our Forum Bandung, Bandung is a group of scholars, is starting a moral movement and pressure on the related parties involved, for the better of the nation and the state.

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