Sashimi Concept

Sashimi is not new anymore in Indonesia. That raw fish even initially weird, disgusting, but now it has become a trend as a healthy food. Even for young people in Indonesia, consuming Sashimi is a fashion.

Originally Sashimi was from Japan, about 700 years ago. It was considered low class food. Perhaps because commonly eaten in raw, so the  impression is low class and disgusting foods.

But nowadays, 700 years later,  sashimi is the food that is very prestigious, expensive and high class food. While the  material, raw fish, is still no change and  same as it was

We can learn from this, that  product does not necessary to change to create the good image. We change human mindset.

One thought on “Sashimi Concept

  1. I think, there are a few reasons why it took so long for sashimi to become populer as it is now.
    1. The lack of availability of freezers and chillers in the old Japan.
    Winter was extremely harsh for fishermen to go out and catch fish. Unless they were strong, fit and healthy, it would be really difficult to endure the freezing weather and wind.
    Come summer when going out to sea was easy, their catch could not be preserved well. Fish deteriorate fast, and would not be consumed raw.
    But with the availability of deep freezers -50C, raw fish has become easily available any time of the year.
    2. Until about 150 years ago, Japan was closed to foreign influence in any way. The art of sashimi was not known or exposed to foreign people. Consuming red meat was not known until foreigners came and introduce it to the Japanese. It was looked upon as disgusting to eat red meat, or even fowls.
    Nowadays, with the development of high technology, also the introduction of TV, internets, who would not have heard of the sashimi and sushi?
    Travelling in and out of Japan is as easy as going to visit your next door neighbour.
    In Jakarta, it has become a trend among young people to be known as ” oh sashimi…wow, I like it”. Just how many restaurants in Jakarta that serve sashimi/sushi?

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