Malaysia Again Against

As I read really bloody bullshit to what out going Malaysia Information Minister, Zaenudin Maidin, expressed his own wrong opinion on BJ Habibie’s visiting Datuk Anwar Ibrahim recently as it was published in the local media in Malaysia. Maidin said that Habibi was abusing his nation by let Timor Timur separated from Indonesia, and also let Indonesia has new 48 political parties instead of three parties, while other personal issues were also mentioned.

Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim furious with his writing in the paper titled ‘Equation BJ Habibie with Anwar Ibrahim’, Zainuddin accused both as ‘The Dog Of Imperialism. According to Anwar Ibrahim, Zainuddin attitude is an example of arrogant leadership of UMNO, the ruling party in Malaysia, and media authorities that are not supported by the people.

But finally I understood that Habibi visit to Datuk Anwar Ibrahiem was worried  to influence  Malasysia authoritarian political sphere there.

To illustrate what Malaysia look like nowadays I have recently made travel to Malaysia and talked to the people there as here we go;

On my way back to Airport, I tried to find out  how the Indian Malaysian people express his own opinion on his country. He said; “ I am happy to be Malaysian citizen. There are no bad people here who want to topple top leaders, want to make problems to their country and ruin this country. But we need our leader to say nicely to the people. They need not to say anything to get people support in every election, just let us make more comfortable to live here in this country.

What did you mean? I asked him.

Why there is no Indian or Chinese in Malays Soccer team? Why there was tag in the Bank  like this “Bad list people will not get Bank loan but for Bumi Putra”. Why the price of rice is so high nowadays?  The government still watch people up to now. That’s why in the government organization the Malays people are dominated in number and position while Chinese and Indian are in the second class.

How about the justice in Malaysia?

The case of Anwar Ibrahim that was really a big lie. Its not true at all. This a political dispute not a justice, he added. Mr. Anwan Ibrahim wrote me “that’s why it has been people court”.

A Chinese Malaysian friend of mine who has same got scholarship  from Japanese government  wrote “As for problems, you may wish to check out publications or comments from overseas or 3rd party for more insight news.  Surely there is no government who will give bad comment on it’s own policies.  Look for a few sources to see what are happenings. Newspapers are not 100% reliable as media is “somewhat controlled” and no one will really get to see the truth.  Hence, we may need to think and get many opinions of the reliable sources to avoid any bias.  Use our heart and wisdom to see the truth too”.

Mr. Mahathir Muhammad has been asked to respond many human abuses to Indonesia maid. In very simple word he answered; “if they don’t like to work in Malaysia, don’t come here”.

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