Behind School Shooting in Connecticut USA

My American friend of mine wrote me, It is truly heartbreaking, the innocent lives lost forever before they even have a chance to live. The children left who now have to face this and deal with the pain and anguish

What is a learn that we can get from this, in order to avoid not to happen again in he future. That is the question that Americans are already in heated debate. Many American still have no answers. They will just hold their families and loved then a little closer

The shooting is appalling. What concerns me most is that it’s possible for anyone to carry a gun (even an assault rifle or automatic pistol). Americans love guns (at least most do) and that is of great concern. Look up the second amendment to the American Constitution and you find:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” And that was passed in 1791!

Any government, Democrat or Republican, that tried to take this “right” away from Americans would never get elected. And for this American has to pay for it.

I think I feel much safer in Indonesia or  in Australia where it’s illegal and a criminal offence to own un unlicensed firearm. I Australia If I bought a simple hand gun from a member of the underworld, and the police found out, It will be arrested, brought before a District Court, fined up to AUD25,000 and put in prison for 10 years.

Indonesia doesn’t have many gun-rated tragedies, although there were few and neither does in Australia. Our weapons laws are much tight although for a certain people are still permitted to own pistol.

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