The Beauty of Human Animal

summo sanOn my way back to Tokyo from Chichibu City of Saitama Prefecture, after a week have been experiencing living with Miyashita Family in his beautiful wooden house, I was taken by Miyashita san to the nearest station, Chichibu Train Station. It was about 20 minutes drive from his house to that station. On our way we have been talking everything that were happening in this quiet city. Suddenly our car and the other cars in front of ours have to stop at behind the zebra cross lines as the two, 10 and 8 years old kids, walked across the street.  After the two kids have crossed the rood, they looked at back to our cars and then they bowed their heads to all the drivers in front of them.

I was very impressed with the two kids attitude. When I asked to Miyashita san, what does it mean the kids bowed?  Miyashita san said; “they say thanks”. My jealousy appeared as I thought it wouldn’t be happening in my country that proudly claimed as the nation who has highest religiosity manner and culture as well.

Japanese are well known with many rules nation. I was told the way to walk in the pedestrian way to avoid hit i by bicycles, in escalator to let the go pass who are in hurry, how to do before and after eating and the right manner to eat noodle, how to greet other, how to used sandals which one it used in the room and in the toilet, how to use bath rooms, and many others. Including when and where sending garbage. The rules have not made them rigid but have made them a nation whom become leading in everything.

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