Hoax and Not Hoax

As a group owner with more than 29 thousand members, and also became member of other groups in Face Book, every time I read to many comments of friends who support to one of the Indonesia Presidential candidates. Two of these support groups, seem that their behaviors and characters are like religious cults. There is never any justification coming from the opposite candidate supporters. Its too fanatics.

Any information that was not meet to their hopes, then he will say that is a hoax, even if it’s true. Vice versa, even though it was a hoax, but not bad at heart, then he will say Yes. No more searching for the right information.

I tried then to find out what is going on with my nation, for this situation, because as part of the nation, it seems that my nation is already at a very high level of weirdness. These events would influence whether situational or indeed a strange disease that has not been recovered since the proclamation?

Luckily my friend sent me a book who is a Professor of Communication at Mac quarries University in Australia, wrote on Perception page, as:

“If we have learned to dislike someone we will have built up a number of expectations about how we will relate to and communicate with that person, and we might well be inclined to discount or ignore what they say”, Richard Ellis / Ann McClintock – if You Take My MEANING, p 5.

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