When It’s Raining

Now I have the answer, why after raining, it is always difficult to get a taxi besides a heavy traffic jam. The taxi driver said that, indeed, people after raining starts, they do a lot of things. Even the cars’ drivers don’t want to move on in the rain. Like those who took shelter under the fly-over and tunnels. They are in fact disturbing the traffics, where drivers then feel so irritated and annoyed. Not to mention there are holes on the roads unnoticed.

Another case is that when I visited Prof. Galdikas’s place in Pangkalan Bun-Mid of Kalimantan, She is a Canadian Indonesian and an expert on Orang Utan Life. She said: “The people from Telecommunication Company that I called to fix my telephone yesterday did not come. Did you know why Mr. Ali?. Its because that yesterday was raining”.

Look at this, I remembered years ago when I lived in Hiroshima, it was almost every night before getting to bed, I regularly find out what the weather would be for tomorrow. It means that I will have to prepare an umbrella in my bag or raincoat. That’s how Japanese do in their life, something we never do. Not only to prepare the umbrella, but also we have to prepare the worst scenario when you drive in the rain.

My appreciation and special thanks to my brother Sonny S Suawal for his ideas added.

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