Two Type of Hells (Devil Playground)

What a hell, isn't it?

What a hell, isn’t it?

In the Quran it was written that the word for “Damned” or hell comes from the Arabic “Naarun”, it means “fire”. It describes in many phrases “naarun” tell it’s very hot. Perhaps because the Arabian peninsula, known by very hot air temperature, and that the Arab people do not like that. Its very clever then, maybe because of that, the way of Allah to describes Damned/hell with the fire is, to make Arabian scare. That is so called fear of arousing approach.

The problem is then, this may be read by the Eskimos who most like with the heat. Why like heat? It was asked, what is the most fear in Eskimos life? They replied: “Damned/Hell”, too. “What the Damned/hell is?” Hell for us is very cold!.

Well, Arabian like Eskimo’s Damned (too cold) and Eskimos like Arabian’s Damned (too hot).

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