Naturally You are an Atheist

From Abu Hurayrah radi ‘allahu anhu said, the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam  said: “It is not every child who is born, is born in a state except nature. Then his parent that will make he/she as Jewish, Christian, or Zoroastrian.

The hadith, want to consider as word of God, because the facts are that tell a very logical and truth. Almost all of us, being a Muslim, because of our parents, became a Christian because the role of parents educated us, become hereditary Hindu because of his ancestors.

When humans are born, actually in accordance with nature, are atheist!

Generally, we are actually not ourselves, but the will of our parents. And so the hope of all parents, when then their children “to be someone who according to his expectations”.

How about God? Apparently, God does not problem at all, people want to be anything, eventhough an atheist. He has no judgment. Whoever we are, have given the same rights. Given the same opportunities. The values ​​among people that actually distinguish each of us, our position and even our fate.

Be yourself !!!

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