There are many ways to Heaven

take the sunset

Why will all Christians go to heaven? The answer is, according to Preacher Budi Asali: We Christians do not say: “God willing, we go to heaven”! We also do not say “let’s hope we go to heaven”! We are sure whenever we die, we MUST go to heaven! Not because we are better, but because of our sins have dealt by Jesus Christ! ”

How about Hinduism view on heaven? Well … In the Hindu scriptures say that heaven is a temporary sojourn. In fact, according to Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Heaven is a holiday experience. Bagawad Gita in this regard says: “after enjoying the vast heaven, they go back to the world. Heaven is a temporary pleasure, whereas the true happiness is Moksha, the unification of Atman (soul) with Brahman (the Creator).

Well, in the view of Islam, not all Muslims will enter paradise, even it says that human who enter heaven even less than who going to hell. Weighing terrorist who blew himself up, in order to enter heaven till as a person who breaths in his last and saying the holly words previously. But the fate of people who have to go to hell, can be up to holidina fiha abada alias lasting for ever.

What about atheists? Where are you after death? Depending individual, although generally atheists do not believe in life after death. Most believe that after death, just as before birth. There is no evidence whatsoever, except for people who have psychological problem never tells there is life after death.

Which one do you like?


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