What is replacing President 2019 for?

If every president changes only the person, figure, then it means there will not be any significantly change. He is like a rolling wheel. Ordinary. So what is the change then for? Well, this is our problem. Understanding the root of the nation problems, which has made this nation not moved, which trigger the collapse of the nation and the unity of Indonesia. The vision and mission of every presidential candidates always have to be an in line with the constitution and answering to problem itself.

What is the root of the nation’s problems? Let’s start with the question, in which era of government, Indonesia can go forward, without violences, without verbal abuses, without the arrogance of the government to the people, the calm atmosphere and focused on the preparation to future generations, the environment is maintained.

Our history records that Bung Karno, the great leader of the revolution, was tipped down by the people movement. Pak Harto, Father of Development, has power up to 6/7 election times, applied modern concept development, the end must be stepped dow by the people’s pressure. Mr. Habibi, his accountability speech, was rejected by his own party. Gusdur, elected from the smallest party who and then finaly be impeached by his supporters. Megawati, though only briefly served the country, but loses a lot of state assets, which is only now felt, that the country is almost ruled by what it once helped with by the country’s money. SBY, twice as president, day after day did not escape from abuse. Even now. On the top of all that Jokowi; can break up mass organizations by issuing their own Presidential Decree. Because it is considered to be a competitor, then rule it again, when the governor who wants to be president, must be in his permission.

Then followed by vice president who wants to continue for 3rd periods, even bias from the constitution but he then start looking for legality Constitution Body anyway. It seems want to change the constitution as a mandate of reform 1998.

So what is the program that will be offered by the future Candidates, if it does not offer a change in the political system, then it means that Indonesia will let it in chaos and the people uncivilized.

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