Such a heart breaking news that Sriwijaya Air has lost contact after 4 minutes took off from Jakarta Airport leaving for Pontianak. And has confirmed it crashed.

I am sending My deepest condolences to the passengers and crews of Sriwijaya Air Jakarta – Pontianak.

Here my another story of telling my imagination of how to survive from aircraft crashed. I have a T-Bosiet certificate, was to be able to fly off shore by helicopter as required in all over the world.

To get the certificate, we must get 3 days training in certified training school, and costs you USD 1300. My purpose to have the certificate was, as a journalist, I had to fly with Chopper, in SaumLaki, to coverage the Japanese LNG Rigs’s project.

What I want to share here is, how can we save ourselves, if the plane crashes into the sea (ditching). During my training, I failed, I couldn’t get out from the sinking chopper, because my safety belt didn’t open. Just in my second tried, I passed.

So, I can imagine the passengers of Sriwijaya Airplane that crashed and I can not write my feeling precisely instead of a horrible things.

It had just took off for 4 minutes, the engine was still full of power, then lost contact/crashed.

There have already some evidences, fragments of the victim’s clothes were found. The plane crashed or exploded in the air

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