About Me

as-with hand

I am a free lance Journalist, film maker and Cross Culture Lecturer Leading Cross Culture Institute : Serve Training for Overseas and Domestic trainees on Cross Cultural Programs.

I have been doing the above mentioned issues for Long years experiences and have put me in the top rank of the subjects

38 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I proud of you. I hope your blogs can “open eyes” for everybody especially for Indonesian Goverment.
    Good Luck!

  2. Dear Mr. Ali, saya ingin bertanya mengenai artikel bapak ke Suku Korowai di Papua. adakah nomor telepon kerabat bapak yang dapat saya hubungi agar dapat ke sana?

    terima kasih.

  3. Dear Mr. Ali, saya ingin bertanya mengenai artikel bapak ke Suku Korowai di Papua. adakah nomor telepon kerabat bapak yang dapat saya hubungi agar dapat ke sana?

    terima kasih, Mr. Ali.

  4. Dear Pak.Ali Syarief


    I am Abdollah Dehnad enjoying around five years experience of living in Indonesia (bahasa indonesia bisa juga!). To me it is really interesting to find poeple with charactristics ,motives,beliefes. goals and dreams this much close to each other !
    i have strong sympathy to Indonesia 7 my latest trip there ,happend April 2011 joining a famtour hosted by Kemlu & Kem..Pariwisata dan kebudayaan.we visited Jkt,Tanah Toraja ,Makassar, pare pare & bmany othewr places ..& it made one of the best trips of my whole life.
    i have been in many other countries but i feel some kind of strong motive inside me to come back to indonesia ,to explore the many more new places to see ,mingling again with locals &shooting documentary films about poeple life &their concerns all around this strange country .

    I really do not know the real reason for such a solid motive …probably my ancesters had been somehow associated or connected to Indonesia.. .

    Any way . have some amatuer shooting experiences many years ago but currently i am learning hard about most advanced digital cameras .. .I am actually waiting for another invitation for coming April to come over & do something to lead me closer to my dreams .I feel it is the time my dreams come true!
    I have been living with them for many years.
    I have also thinking about a featur film based on a real love story happend with an Iranian Photographer & an Indonesian girl …..

    Please let me talk further about my concerns &plans upon recieving your comments.

    Thanks for your blog &for your efforts.

    Abdollah Dehnad

    Tehran -Iran


    • Dear Brother Abdollah Dehnad,
      Terima kasih for your visiting my blog. Syukran. I have been doing on producing documentary, tv program and tvcm since 1980.

      Please do not hasitate to contact me if you need assistances regarding doing thing in indonesia.

      May God Bless you,

  5. what a great life journey and achievement… I hope you may contribute even greater to the Indonesian’s welfare in the near future. Your close and personal relationship with some prominent persons in Indonesia will give you a great chance and support accordingly.

  6. Dear Pak Ali….saya Rin Hindryati dari Proactive Worlwide sedang melakukan riset marketing tentang Iranian diaspora in Indonesia. Saya mencari komunitas Iran di Indonesia. Salah satu yang member komentar di blog bapak adalah mr abdollah dehnad. Apakah bapak punya kontaknya? Tks & rgds

  7. Asalamu ‘alaikum… tentu sebuah kehormatan bagi saya saat bapak minta saya berteman FB, dan tidak salah saya konfirm. Ternyata saya dipertemukan dengan seorang yang cemerlang pemikirannya, dan selalu bersandar kepada iman dan taqwa. Seorang motivator ulung dan seorang pencerah sejati…
    terima kasih.

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