Dewi Soekarno – Full Moon

Full Moon

To my Dears Ali Syarief,…Full moon moon came round on tonight’s aesthetically.
remembered friend said, the dancers shed your desire.Why should a dancer?,
because she/he knew how to move that behaves beautifully.
I want to plead with the witness in the full moon dance.

That in the entire plea will be accepted, by the actual universe certainly
Thus the ideals and desires I really happens like dance

Dewi. — at In my room lying on my bed staring at the window :DD.

Dewi Soekarno

Courtesy Photo From First Lady Dewi Soekarno

Who does not know me, the people of Indonesia and Japan, the two major countries were much talked about lately. I’m now own 68 year old, where all is not as it used to, though I myself have always been known to myself. (my friend said if I know my own self, I would never regret * RR) but you know I’m very familiar with what was suppose to be Happy. Hopefully the rest of my life is always meaningful,…. love To Ali Syarief from Ratna Saridewi SOEKARNO as (根本 七 保 子 Naoko Nemoto).